Capability Enhancement

The college has following capability enhancement and development schemes for students
1. Preparation for Competitive examinations
2. Career counseling
3. Remedial Coaching
4. Yoga and Meditation
5. Personal Counseling


Students may contact the respective I/C of scheme for getting benefitted

Remedial coaching and competitive examination - Dr. Shrikant,    Associate Prof. Dept of Ag. Botany,    Ph. No-9412612427
Career Counseling - Dr. Ombir Singh,    Associate Prof. Dept of Agromomy    Ph. No.- 9411463003
Personal Counseling - Dr. V.K. Dhaka,    Associate Prof. Dept of Horticulture     Ph. No.-9410284277
Yoga and Meditation - Dr. S. Maan,    Asstt. Prof. Dept of Physical Education     Ph. No.-9528181481