Co/Extracurricular activities

Following co/extracurricular activities are available for students-

A. National Service Scheme (N.S.S.):

This central govt. scheme is continuously running in the college with three units. Only undergraduate students can take part in activities of this scheme. In every unit only 100 students are registered and out of them only 50 students are selected for seven days special camp on the basis of performance in general activities. Selected students in the scheme work for educating the general people in relation to adult education, AIDS and other dangerous disease, family planning, short term savings, plantation, environmental equilibrium etc. Moreover, volunteers camp in slum area and work for repairing/ cleaning roads sanitation etc. Volunteers are also work for maintaining college campus. Presently Dr. Awanish, Dr. Girraj Kishore and Dr. S.K. Singh are working as programme officers of three units of NSS.

B. National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.).

There is a company of national cadet corps (N.C.C.) in our college under 82 N.C.C. Batalian in which 52 cadets are enrolled every year. In this unit both boys and girls cadets are trained with respect to map reading, field battle craft, training of rifle, machine gun, war practice, firing drill and P.T. etc. The N.C.C. unit is running under guidance of Maj. Dr. Vijay Kumar, Deptt. of Horticulture.

C. Rovers crew and Rangers crew:

Separate units of Ch. Chhotu Ram rovers crew and rangers crew are registered from Scout and Guide office, Lucknow. Dr. Hariom Sharma is incharge of rovers crew and rangers crew.

D. Literary and Cultural Council (Sahityik and Sanskritik Parishad)

The activities of this council are very important for the development of student personality. This council motivates and guides students in various cultural activities. This council also organizes debate competition in the sweet memory of Ch. Chhotu Ram Ji every year.

E. Students welfare council

One of the college teachers working as Dean, student welfare for welfare and solving the general problems of students. Highest scorer of each class is member of this council. Besides these, one of the students of N.S.S. and of N.C.C. is also nominated members of this council. The incharges of other extracurricular activity committees are also members of this council. This body works as general welfare of students.

F. Discipline committee

The discipline of the college is maintained by a separate discipline committee, in which besides teachers, students with high moral character and leadership quality are also members. This committee works under supervision of chief proctor and principal. Presently . Dr. Vijay Kumar, Deptt. of Horticulture is working as chief proctor. It is matter of great satisfaction that the general discipline of the college is of high order.

G. Training and placement cell

A training and placement cell is established in campus to give the information as well as direction regarding employment and Counseling for employment of the students is done time to time. This cell organizes campus interviews and lectures of different companies and personality of national and international repute. In the month of Dec. 2008, Punjab National Bank has selected 10 students as agriculture facilitator on the basis of campus interview. Dr. Sandeep Kumar and Dr. Ombir Singh of Agronomy department are incharges of this cell.

H. College Magazine.

For the sake of expression of own thoughts of students, the college publishes magazine namely “PRAGATI” every year. There is an editorial board consisting of college teachers and students for upgrading and maintaining the high level quality of magazine. The complete activities of academic session are also published in PRAGATI. At present Dr. Awanish, Dr. Ombir Singh and Dr. S.K.Singh are members of editorial board of this magazine.

I. Seminars and Guest Lectures.

In every session, seminars and guest lectures are organized by departments of college in which distinguished academicians, scientists and professionals are invited so that students may be apprised of latest developments in their field.

J. Women Grievance Cell.

This special cell has been established in the college and it includes N.G.O.’s members also. This looks after the grievances of female students of the college.

K. Medals and Awards

The college has established “Medhavi Chhatra Nidhi” to honour the students obtaining highest score in her/ his class. The following medals are provided to students every year getting highest score in his/ her class.


Name of gold medal


Donated by


Ch. Hardwari Lal memorial gold medal

Topper, M.Sc. Botany

Dr. Naresh Kumar (Principal)


Smt. Sheela Paruthi memorial gold medal

Topper, M.Sc.(Ag.) Ag. Chemistry

Dr. N. K. Paruthi


Ch. Fateh Singh Sagh memorial gold medal

Topper, M.Sc.(Ag.) Horticulture

Dr. Vijay Kumar.


Ch. Khacheru Singh memorial gold medal

Topper, M.Sc.(Ag.)(Istyear) Horticulture

Dr. Harendra Singh Sirohi


Ch. Dhara Singh memorial gold medal

Topper, M.Sc.(Ag.) Agronomy

Dr. Sandeep Kumar


Ch. Surendra Pal Singh Panwar memorial gold medal

Topper, B.Sc.(Bio)

Dr. Devendra Kumar


Smt. Daya Kaur memorial gold medal

Topper, B.Sc. (Girl)

Sh. Maigh Singh


Smt. Raghuveeri Devi Arya memorial gold medal

Topper, Chemistry at UG level

Dr. Satyaveer Aarya


Ch. Chhotan Singh memorial gold medal

Topper, B.Sc.(Ag.)

Dr. Rishi Pal Singh


Master Kaptan Singh Memorial cash award

Topper, B.Sc.(Ag.)

Dr. Ombir Singh


Thakur Rikhai Singh memorial gold medal

Topper, Ag. Engineering at UG level

Dr, A.K.Singh


Smt. Risalo Devi memorial gold medal

Topper, physics

Dr. Inder Jeet Singh


Ch. Sube Singh memorial gold medal

Best Speaker

Sh. Mahi Pal Singh Shastri


Smt. Bhawani and Ch. Mansha Ram memorial gold medal

Best Personality

Sh Priyavrat Arya


Ch. Saktu Singh memorial gold medal

Best NSS volunteer

Sh  Ratan Singh Panwar


Ch. Rati Ram memorial gold medal

Besrt NCC cadet

Ch. Devi Singh


Sh. Jahan singh Malik memorial gold medal

Topper B.Sc. Ag. Dairy Science and Technology

Dr. P.S.Malik


Ch. Nahar Singh memorial cash prize

Best student leadership

Dr. Jitendra Aarya


Ch Lakhki Singh memorial gold medal

Best Player girl student

Sh. Mange Ram Verma


Dr. Narendra Singh and Sh Hari Singh memorial cash prize

Best player boys student

Dr. Karn Singh and Dr. Vaarija


Ch. Tara Chand memorial cash prize

Multi talented student

Sh. K.P. Raghuvanshi I.P.S.


Ch. Jai Prakash Malik memorial cash prize

Best student of the session

Sr. Devendra Malik


Smt. Revati Singh Memorial cash prize

Multi talented student (Girl)

Babu Hukum Singh


Sh. Jagpal Singh Tomar and Sh. Ram ji Lal memorial cash prize

Topper in Genetics (Ag.)

Smt. Shweta and Dr. Shrikant