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Scholarship and Prizes

College is providing adequate information on timely basis regarding the various scholarship offered by Govt. of Uttar Pradesh and other agencies to meritorious students as well as students from weaker section of society. Besides, government support, the college has “Meritorious Student Fund” which offered financial support to meritorious student. “Medhavi Chhatra Nidhi” was established to honor the students obtaining highest score in his/her class. The following medals are provided to students every year getting highest score in his/ her class.

S.No.Name of Gold Medal Achievement Donated by
1.Ch. Hardwari Lal memorial gold medalTopper, M.Sc. BotanyDr. Naresh Kumar Malik(Principal)
2.Smt. Sheela Paruthi memorial gold medal Topper, M.Sc.(Ag.) Dr. N. K. Paruthi
3.Ch. Fateh Singh Sagh memorial gold medalTopper, M.Sc.(Ag.) HorticultureDr. Vijay Kumar
4.Ch. Khacheru Singh memorial gold medalTopper, M.Sc.(Ag.)(Istyear) HorticultureDr. Harendra Singh Sirohi
5.Ch. Dhara Singh memorial gold medalTopper, M.Sc.(Ag.) AgronomyDr. Sandeep Kumar
6.Ch. Surendra Pal Singh Panwar memorial gold medal Topper, B.Sc.(Bio) Dr. Devendra Kumar
7.Smt. Daya Kaur memorial gold medalTopper, B.Sc. (Girl)Sh. Maigh Singh
8.Smt. Raghuveeri Devi Arya memorial gold medalTopper, Chemistry at UG levelDr. Satyaveer Aarya
9.Ch. Chhotan Singh memorial gold medalTopper, B.Sc.(Ag.)Dr. Rishi Pal Singh
10.Master Kaptan Singh Memorial cash award Topper, B.Sc.(Ag.)Dr. Ombir Singh
11.Thakur Rikhai Singh memorial gold medalTopper, Ag. Engineering at UG levelDr, A.K.Singh
12.Smt. Risalo Devi memorial gold medalTopper, physicsDr. Inder Jeet Singh
13.Ch. Sube Singh memorial gold medalBest SpeakerSh. Mahi Pal Singh Shastri
14.Smt. Bhawani and Ch. Mansha Ram memorial gold medalBest PersonalitySh Priyavrat Arya
15.Ch. Saktu Singh memorial gold medalBest NSS volunteerSh Ratan Singh Panwar
16.Ch. Rati Ram memorial gold medal Besrt NCC cadetCh. Devi Singh
17.Sh. Jahan singh Malik memorial gold medalTopper B.Sc. Ag. Dairy Science and TechnologyDr. P.S.Malik
18.Ch. Nahar Singh memorial cash prizeBest student leadershipDr. Jitendra Aarya
19.Ch Lakhki Singh memorial gold medalBest Player girl studentSh. Mange Ram Verma
20.Dr. Narendra Singh and Sh Hari Singh memorial cash prizeBest player boys studentDr. Karn Singh and Dr. Vaarija
21.Ch. Tara Chand memorial cash prizeMulti talented studentSh. K.P. Raghuvanshi I.P.S
22.Ch. Jai Prakash Malik memorial cash prizeBest student of the sessionSr. Devendra Malik
23.Smt. Revati Singh Memorial cash prizeMulti talented student (Girl)Babu Hukum Singh
24.Sh. Jagpal Singh Tomar and Sh. Ram ji Lal memorial cash prizeTopper in Genetics (Ag.)Smt. Shweta and Dr. Shrikant
25.Ch. Devraj Singh Memorial Gold medalOverall NCC VolunteerDr. Praveen Chaudhary
26.Ch. Kripal Singh Best Leadership Award Dr. Jitendra Arya